Front view
SHS flat sided oval steel tube

1.5" x 3.5" x 5.25";
weight = 3 lbs.
or 38mm x 89mm x 133mm
weight = 1.66kg

Padlock Security 1Padlock Security 1
US Patent #10,995,522

Flatflatsidedovaltubes -sided oval steel tubes
constructed to enclose an
easily picked keyed padlock
makes a padlock pick-proof.

Click on Padlock Security 3PS3 to view the first ever triple shackle pick-proof padlock.  A thick steel top plate prevents bolt cutter access to shackles.
I sent an email to LPL and a Tweet to Lock Noob 03/15&21/2023 asking if I can send each a Padlock security prototype to see if they can pick it open.
No reply from either.

Padlock Security ChromePS1

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Padlock - Security

US Patent #10,995,522 - issue date 05/04/2021

US Patent #11,319,730 - issue date 05/03/2022

US Patent #11,608,658 - issue date 03/21/2023

A keyed padlock is meant to protect possessions, stay locked and not be easily picked open or cut off in seconds.  Thanks to LockPickingLawyer and his 4.47 million subscribers' laughing comments on how easily and quickly a keyed padlock can be picked open as I did in July of 2019.  It appears keyed padlock makers are clueless on how to block their visual deterrent-only keyed padlocks from being picked opened in seconds.  

Most if not all easily picked keyed padlocks are inexpensive relative to what they are made to protect, nice to look at and some even come in your choice of colors and do nothing to protect your belongings from a lock pick.

Current padlock technology is obsolete and useless when so-called high security-rated keyed padlocks can be picked and opened in seconds.

Hundreds of years from now people will look back at this planet's first pick, tamper and bolt cutter-proof keyed Padlock Security.

A wall around a home protects those living inside.  A prison uses walls to prevent those inside from escaping.  Most countries, though not all, use walls or gates to stop others from easy entry.

Padlock Security patent uses a thick steel wall barrier having an offset 90-degree key slot and a Neodymium magnet washer preventing
lock- picking tools from easily being inserted into a padlock's key slot for picking.

Left-click blue word(s) to view the online link or mouse over the red word(s) popup image.

Bottom view of 90-degree key slot offset to padlock key slot a few inches or more further up from bottom edges of outer steel tube.
A hidden from view padlock, key slot or shackle makes for a pick-proof padlock.

It might take a minute or two to learn how to insert your key to unlock and when locked and without your key Padlock-Security is pick and tamper- proof.

Claims include a Neodymium ring/washer-shaped magnet to attract lock picks or hairpin picking.

Openings on the front, back and sides provide a DIY option to secure Padlock Security to a chain/cable and then to a nearby heavy steel bracket secured to a really strong fixture.

Padlock Security patent is pick and tamper proof and easily locks cell phones, electric/or not bikes, firearms, golf carts, laptops, semi truck/trailers, steering wheels and more.

Below LockPickingLawyer 07/04/2023 video shows how keyed padlock manufacturers help lock pickers by showing their brand name on each keyed padlock allowing  pickers to practice or watch easy picking videos.

See more at JUSTIA Patent
Lock manufacturers appear to prefer watching their high-security keyed padlocks picked opened in seconds watching LockPickingLawyer or Lock Noob along with their millions of followers on or other lock-picking sites.  How is it possible after thousands of years of technological keyed padlock innovation opening a "locked!" keyed padlock in seconds without a key is so easy?

Most not all countries use a border wall to prevent illegal entry.  A keyed padlock is like a country without a border wall allowing a lock pick illegal access.  Padlock-Security protects for-show-only keyed padlocks using a patented steel wall to block easy access to a key slot and shackle preventing illegal entry to your keepsakes and valuables. 

What use to be easy access was The White House, not any more!  It is called added protection.  Padlock-Security easily converts for show only keyed padlocks to pickproof.

Keyed padlocks have an easily accessible key slot for lock pickers to quickly pick open and a visible shackle making it easy using bolt cutters to snip off.   Keyed padlocks are basically visual deterrents for show only and provide very little if any security.  The keyed padlock I used in Padlock Security is from a well-known lock company known for selling easy-to-pick open keyed padlocks.  I paid maybe $13.00 a few years ago and now that very same padlock is totally enclosed in a thick steel tube, pick, bolt cutter and tamper-proof.  It's called Padlock Security.  

Padlock manufacturers are afraid to admit their keyed padlocks are for-show-only.  Padlock-Security protects, encloses and deters access to a padlock key slot. Go to LockPickingLawyer, Lock Noob or other lock picking sites.  Search for your keyed padlock and see in great detail how quickly it is to pick open an unprotected keyed padlock slot in seconds. 

I invented Padlock-Security patent to prevent lock picking tools easily pushing locking pins in a keyed padlock tubular cylinder key slot quickly picked without a key and opened.  A Chinese, Innovative Company, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's or LockPickingLawyer purchasing my Padlock-Security patents could easily sub-license or NOT to these very same easy to pick open keyed American padlock manufactures.  Buyers will have a simple choice.  Pay a little more to protect their for show only padlock key slot or someday say goodbye to everything they thought was securely padlock protected. 

I have a suggestion for these so called high-security keyed padlocks makers.  Anonymously send your new not yet branded "high security keyed padlock" to LockPickingLawyer or Lock Noob asking if they can easily pick it open.  If it is easily picked open in seconds you saved a lot of money by not manufacturing yet another for show only keyed padlock.

06/04/2024 - Today is 37th month since issue date of my first pick and tamper proof keyed Padlock-Security patent.  No interest from not one "high security" keyed padlock manufacturer thinking to surround what they call their high security keyed padlocks with a steel wall.  A barrier security wall around most anything is always better than nothing.

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11/09/2023 - Don’t Assume It’s Too Hard For You Schlage KS21

07/06/2023 - [1554] I’ve Made This Video Too Many Times Premier Lock sold at Home Depot.

07/04/2023 - Better Than Most: Toledo Hidden Shackle Padlock.  Imagine if this hidden shackle padlock was enclosed in Padlock-Security and LPL could not see Toledo's brand name or twist his lock-picking tool into a protected and hidden key slot!

06/06/2023 - [1547] Brinks, Please Do Better… LockPickingLawyer on

03/21/2023 - US patent issue date Padlock Security 3 blocks LockPickingLawyer, Lock Noob and others as seen on from accessing and picking open a locked keyed padlock slot.   I offered to both pickers an opportunity to earn some extra money if I sold or licensed my patents they gave permission to the new owner use a sticker on each Padlock Security saying it cannot be picked-open. Can you imagine how many pick proof Padlock Security keyed padlocks would be purchased by LockPickingLawyer and Lock Noober's combined nearly five million subscribers to see if any of them can pick it open?

02/22/2023 - There is another use application for a Brinks Adjustable Shackle keyed padlock and it is pick-proof.

01/21/2023 - Saturday 5:43 am PST and there is another patentable way to prevent lock pickers from easily picking open a locked keyed padlock.

01/01/2023 - Nassau County Man Sues Hershey's Over Lead, Cadmium In Dark Chocolate. Perhaps someone out there in 2023 will bring a lawsuit against keyed padlock companies for claiming their padlocks offer high security when LockPickingLawyer and Lock Noob on easily pick those very same padlocks open in mere seconds. 

10/05/2022 - Trimax Took A Puck Lock Masterclass... -  read comments.

09/13/2022 - It has been 25 years since I sold all my slot-locking patents to Kensington Computer Products. Time for a Kensington Padlock Products division selling pick-proof padlocks with LockPickingLawyer and/or Lock Noob as their unseen spokesperson(s).

09/06/2022 - Lock Noob easily picks open a YaleY114B/60 keyed Padlock in seconds..

08/27/2022 - New LockPickingLawyer video today "Master Puck Locks STILL Not Fixed".  I have a suggestion. Powder-coating keyed Puck locks give buyers a choice of colorscolors. and could make Pucks tamper & pick proof.  Duh!

8/13/2022 - There is another way to construct Padlock Security using a pickable keyed rotating pin tumbler cylinder lock however this new way is bolt cutter, pick proof, innovative, a lot stronger and has a unique locking mechanism.

08/09/2022 - Thanks to my cousin Sandy - Padlock Security easily secures a golf cartgolf cart from hot wire theft and pickers.

06/23/2022 - Padlock 100G US Military Padlock Picked open by Lock Noob in 33 seconds.

05/03/2022 - My Padlock Security 2 continuation-in-part pick and tamper proof patent application using a heavy chain or cable in a unique way issue date is today.

05/02/2022 - This 3D Printed Robot Can Actually Pick Locks.

05/02/2022 - Some laminated keyed padlocks come in colors to make them less easy to pick open or bolt cut off

02/28/2022 - Lockpickinglawyer, "Is This Paperweight Better Than a Master Lock?".

02/02/2022 - Another good reason to purchase my Padlock-Security US patent is a Ryobi bolt cutter thanks to LPL.  Ask yourself, are you currently storing your padlocked belongings worth more than what Amazon charges for a cordless Ryobi bolt cutter?

01/17/2022 - One has to wonder whose padlocks Union Pacific is using to secure their cargo containers, so I reached out to a dozen cargo container companies to show them my patented pick, tamper proof and shackle resistant to a bolt cutter keyed padlock.

01/09/2022 - Some high-security padlocks cost five(5) to six(6) times more than my pick and tamper-proof Padlock Security patent and take LPL a bit more time to pick open but he still opens it without its key.  My Padlock Security patent only opens with your key, not with lock picking tools or a bolt cutter.  Why are you spending money for a padlock known to be easily picked open to lock your belongings when you could pay less for my Padlock Security pick, tamper and bolt cutter proof keyed padlock? 

12/22/2021 - Bloomberg BusinessWeek - The Lock-Picker, the Lockmaker, and the Odyssey to Expose a Major Security Flaw

11/05/2021 - LockPickingLawyer - Snapping Open Locks With a Bent Bicycle Spoke

11/02/2021 - LockPickingLawyer -  "Not a Lock vs. 10/10 Rated Master Lock"

10/16/2021 - To my followers in China.  I will offer a small reward if you send me a link to any company selling their version or copy of my US Patent Padlock-Security in China.  I will keep you and your reply confidential.  Thanks.

I offered LockPickingLawyer an advertising/marketing opportunity to promote my pick tamper-proof Padlock-Security patent.  No reply.  Lock companies have been coming out with worthless improvements having absolutely nothing to do with making a keyed cylindrical pin tumbler padlock more difficult for LPL to easily pick open in 2022 than if LPL was doing his thing in 300 BC!

08/25/2021 - There is another way to configure a keyed U-Lock Bike lock and it is patent pending and pick-proof.

07/20/2021 - 45 Best of Home Depot lock pick sets in 2021: According to Experts.

07/14/2021 - Tedium article written by Ernie Smith about the true meaning of lock security.

05/21/2021 - An iOS or Windows laptop lock having a skinny security cable, epoxy glued on lock base or a security slot is very easy to pick open.  There is a 2022 easier and more improved method to quickly lock an open screen laptop or prevent opening a closed screen laptop using my Padlock Security pick-proof padlock with protected shackle.   If current laptop locks are so secure, ask yourself why are they not used with a shackle or whatever to make pick proof keyed padlocks.

05/04/2021 - My US patent # 10,995,522 Padlock Security, thanks to lockpickinglawyer on, and lots of other lock pickers on their sites describe how easily it is to pick open a keyed padlock without your key or use of bolt cutters.  Search for your keyed padlock brand name on lock picking sites and watch how easily it is picked open or cut off shackle.  Any keyed padlock you purchased online from Amazon or locally from Lowe's, Home Depot, Target or Wal-Mart is not going to secure your belongings against a lock picker or bolt cutters.  Your belongings could be gone or looked through without you even knowing. And yes, without your key! 

GMC 2020 Sierra video commercial could read, "The pick-proof keyed padlock to end all easily picked keyed padlocks."

Many insurance companies will deny claims for stolen property when locks are picked if there is no sign of forced entry.  Since lock picking runs afoul of the intended purpose of a keyed padlock there is now my Padlock Security invention to thwart lock picking.

Lock companies selling keyed padlocks are misleading consumers and governmental organizations by not having a Prop. 65 or like warning / labels saying on each padlock stating, "This padlock is a toy, keep away from children 6 years or older!"

Link to Pittsburgh Action News 07/15/2019 "Investigation finds some trigger locks easy to pick.  One was picked by a 6-year-old."  Watch the video very instructive.

Link to Undark 09/27/2019 "But many storage boxes and safety devices are trivial to overcome."

Link to Good Gifts For Kids 01/24/2020 Lock pick sets for kids.  A preschooler having watched a parent use a screwdriver can easily open a trigger lock.  Trigger locks are given away free because they are junk.

It is only a matter of time before some legal mind seeks liability damages from the owner of a known easily picked keyed padlock sold by a lock company, local gun store, department store, online or offered free from a Safety Giveaway Group not having done
fact-checking or due diligence on how easy it is to pick currently sold keyed padlocks.

Link to Kickstarter 02/18/2020 Professional Practice Tools Lock Set: 5 Training Padlocks and 20 Tools with LED Flashlight. Hooks, Rakes, Tension Wrenches and Holder.

The key to a successful hunting trip Observer 09/03/2020 a screwdriver.

Do an Amazon search for Magical Kronos Electric Lock Pick Gun should you misplace your padlock key!

Link to Lockzy

09/14/2020 for when you misplace your key or need access to the lock you do not have permission to open it.

Not-A-Lock looks like a high-security keyed padlock however it opens without a key as quickly as most well-known high-security keyed padlocks can be picked open.

I am looking for a padlock manufacturer in Amsterdam, Andhra Pradesh, Armenia, Baidu, Bangkok,Baogiao, Beijing, Beirut, Changning, Changteh, Chongqing, Cologne, Ct-hangzhou-idc, Fujian, Foshan, Frankfurt Am Main, Fuzhou, Girona, Hangzhou, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Hongkou, Huzhou, Hyderabad, Indore, Jiangxi, Kaifeng, Karachi, Korea, La Rochelle, Lokeren, Moscow City, Nanjing, New Delhi, Novosibirsk, Paris, Putian, Quzhou, Russian Federation, Tel Aviv, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Sosnowiec, Surabaye, Vienna, Weimar Xinzhou, Yerevan, Zhejiang, Zhengzhou or Zhumadian know what Security is to make a couple dozen or more Padlock-Security locks for me.  My US patent exclusive rights are available to easily block/stop Lockpickinglawyer and others picking open a keyed padlock without a key or using bolt cutters is available. 

Below are some of my prior US patents for security.  Watching LPL on in summer of 2019 it was simple to see none of below offer any security unless you are younger than 5 years old.  Lock companies have no clue how to stop LPL or any of his 4.5 million subscribers from learning how to easily pick open so-called high security keyed padlocks in seconds.

1 - My easy to pick open without a key US patent #8,640,507 Horizontal Shackle 1lock system and method.

2 - US patent #9,603,446 and #9,816,296 Security Anchor 2secured to a Colt 45 using my easily picked US Patent #8,720,097 and US patent #8,640,507.

3 - US patent#9,603,446 and #9,816,296 Security Anchor locking to a Colt 45 using my US patent #8,726,703
Low Profile Lock Interface 3System and Method with US Patent #8,720,097 Trigger lock using an easily picked cable locking device or like.

4 - US patent#9,603,446 Security Anchor secured to my US patent# 8,646,294 Securement Locking Device secured to my
previous laptop4 using my US patent#8,640,510 Interface Member For Lock System and Method and a Clicksafe or like all being easily picked.

5 - Easily picked Ruger
.357 Magnum5 using laptop computer lock using US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock.

6 - Easily picked Ruger .357 Magnum using
keyed padlock 6 with cable or chain and US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock.

7 - Easily picked Colt 45 using a
combination padlock7 with cable or chain using US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock.

8 - Some old keyed padlocks from
18718 many years before LockPickingLawyer site was created on

9 - Another very easy to pick open  without a key my US patent 8,640,507
Horizontal Shackle9 Padlock.
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01/14/2023 - Email me and when I sell my Padlock-Security US patents to a company more interested in security than watching LockPickingLawyer's 4.5 million subscribers laughing at their easily picked open keyed padlocks.

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Free confidential assistance is available to mechanically "improve" padlock patents belonging to others. If there is another way using fewer parts, not free.

Acquisition rights are available to investors, IP law firms, padlock distributors, patent assertion entities, lock companies or others interested in future rewards and it locks a laptop computer.

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